Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources (DSRS) – Source Returns

Subject to the provisions described below, all sealed sources supplied by RAIMS are eligible for return to the manufacturer when no longer required or at the end of their recommended working life (RWL).

In addition, RAIMS is the appointed agent to arrange return of all disused, orphaned or depleted sources manufactured by Mayak Production Association since January 1992. This includes sources manufactured under contract to other source suppliers.

To be eligible for return, the origin of the source must be verified, and the source must not have been modified in any way. Sources beyond the end of their recommended working life, requiring over encapsulation for transport purposes can be considered for eligibility.

RAIMS is able to arrange all logistics associated with source returns and can work with waste disposal consolidators to minimise logistics costs.

You can download our Conditions for Acceptance below or enquire here.