RAIMS ISO9001:2015 Surveillance Audit Success

RAIMS was assessed during Lloyds Register surveillance audit and successfully passed with no comments or findings in February 2017.

RAIMS was on of the first companies to be accredited to the new ISO9001:2015 standards in July 2016 and is pleased to have been able to demonstrate continuing compliance with the new standard at the first surveillance audit.

RAIMS launches first Cs-137 Oil Well Logging Source

Following an extensive development programme jointly undertaken with Mayak P.A. RAIMS can offer a new Cs-137 oil well logging sources (OWLS) to international markets. Designed to offer highest standards of integrity and corrosion resistance the source meets the requirements of IAEA SS-6 for Special Form, ISO2919 for integrity under accident conditions and 10 CFR 39.41.

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