Americium-241 (Am-241) Sealed Sources for materials analysis and process control

The Am-241 is incorporated into matrices made from ceramic or glass. This is cast into metal inserts to ensure a consistent shape and position. Stainless steel components encapsulate the inner assembly.

Recommended service life 15 years.

Complies with ISO2919


Product Description

Am-241 sources are used for a variety of industrial gauging purposes. One of the most common uses is thickness gauging applications in process control systems. Am-241 sealed sources are also used in X-Ray Fluorescence analysis systems where the 60keV gamma emission from the source is used for elemental analysis.

RAIMS can supply a variety of standard designs and activities. The Am-241 is incorporated into matrices made from ceramic or glass which are cast into metal inserts to ensure consistent shape and position. The inner assembly is encapsulated into stainless steel components sealed by autogenous TIG welding.

Sources comply with the requirements of ISO2919 and have Special Form certification to IAEA SSR-6.

The sources have a recommended service life of 15 years depending on type. The radioactive content and radiation output measurements stated in the product certification are traceable to national standards.

Product will be shipped in Type -A packaging.

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