RAIMS launches first Cs-137 Oil Well Logging Source

Following an extensive development programme jointly undertaken with Mayak P.A. RAIMS can offer a new Cs-137 oil well logging sources (OWLS) to international markets. Designed to offer highest standards of integrity and corrosion resistance the source meets the requirements of IAEA SSR-6 for Special Form, ISO2919 for integrity under accident conditions and 10 CFR 39.41.

The new source design is interchangeable with ‘industry standard’ products  and uses MP35N high strength alloy for the outer encapsulation. This also offers the highest standards of corrosion resistance in chemically aggressive downhole conditions.

The source design has been tested to operate at downhole conditions of 20,000 p.s.i. (148MPa)and 150 deg. C.

RAIMS is able to offer the new source to the well logging industry in any quantity required for shipment internationally and can provide data required for users to obtain their own NRC SSDR for use in United States.

We are also able to offer Cs-137 gamma sources and Am-241/Be neutron sources to customer specific designs. Please contact us for more information.