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Stable Isotopes, Radioactive Isotopes and Sealed Radioactive Sources

RAIMS is the official international supplier of stable isotopes, radioactive isotopes and sealed radioactive sources manufactured in Russia.

Our mission is to provide a simple supply chain for provision of products from Russia and to provide an effective logistics route for isotopes and sealed radioactive sources worldwide.

RAIMS has extensive experience in transportation of radioactive material in accordance with IAEA SSR-6, IAEA Code of Conduct and applicable national regulations.

As a member of the ROSATOM group of companies, RAIMS has strong relationships with all of the major production and trading institutions in Russia including JSC Isotope and Mayak P.A.

Our unique advantage is in our close technical and commercial relationship with our partner manufacturing units. Our members of staff have many years of experience working in the radiochemistry and sealed source manufacturing industry both in Russia and internationally and understand the requirements of our customers and the capabilities of our suppliers.

We are able to work with technical experts from the entire Russian industry sector to provide the best possible solutions to your isotope and sealed radioactive source needs.

Product applications include radiolabelling, neutron detection, gamma irradiation, medical therapy, nucleonic and radiometric gauging, industrial process control, material analysis and oil well logging.

Sealed Sources comply with ISO2919 - Isotopes comply with ISO3925

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ISO9001:2015 Quality Standard Accredited

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Carbon-14 Labelled Compounds

RAIMS supplies a variety of pre-cursors for manufacture of Carbon-14 labelled compounds for use in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research. See our product page here: Carbon-14 (C-14) Pre-cursors for Labelled Compounds

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